La columna vertebral es la línea de la vida
nuestro objetivo es protegerla

Tu Columna

La quiropráctica es la profesión sanitaria que se ocupa de la detección y corrección de los problemas localizados en la columna vertebral y el sistema nervioso.


En Quiropractic Valencia somos un equipo de especialistas en la salud de la columna vertebral y el sistema nervioso

Diagnosticamos cualquier problema vertebral con el objetivo de eliminar cualquier interferencia que éste pueda estar produciendo en tu sistema nervioso, consiguiendo así un mejor funcionamiento de tu cuerpo.

Pide cita tienes cualquiera de estos síntomas, podemos ayudarte.

Testimonios de nuestros pacientes
Dr Ata, he is all heart. Gives everything to his practice. A brilliant chiropractor, father and author. He has helped me and family for years. He has a wonderful team. He is the best chiropractor in Valencia for sure.
Muy satisfecho
I was on a holiday in Valenvia in July and I needed 2-3 sessions of adjustment. This is the place recommended by a friend and I must say it was a great expeience. Very professional and friendly people, but most of all the result was excellent.
Muy satisfecho
Was visiting Valencia for the Week, unfortunately strained my back and neck. Was recommended to go and see Dr Ata Pouramini. The whole experience was Amazing. A totally professional, caring place. Would recommend Dr Pouramini and the Clinic to everyone. Thank You.
Muy satisfecho
Thanks to his magic hands I can now experience a pain-free life after 15 years! Ata is professional, charming and friendly with his paitients, and these make you feel more comfortable to disscuss your concerns with him. Highly recommended!
Muy satisfecho
Nowadays, a lot of people are working in office environment. More and more people suffer from back pain. Had a lower back pain and got it fixed just in 5 visits. Definitely would recommend to visit this chiropractic. There is no need to suffer from the back pain which makes your quality of life lower! Get fixed quickly!
Muy satisfecho